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The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association is a non-profit trade association that was founded in 1902 to represent the retail industry before the North Carolina General Assembly, North Carolina regulatory agencies and the United States Congress and continues to be the voice of the retail industry in North Carolina. Loss prevention and organized retail crime has long been a priority for NCRMA. The Retail Loss Prevention Association (RLPA) relied on NCRMA for management services for approximately 15 years. The leadership of RLPA transitioned into different roles outside of retail, but upon the dissolution of RLPA they turned their remaining budget over to NCRMA with the request that NCRMA would continue the effort and seek to grow the organization. NCRMA has a Retail Security Council within its membership and over the years, NCRMA’s lobbying efforts gained passage of legislation related to worthless checks, flea markets, habitual felons, identity theft and an omnibus ORC package of laws in both 2007 and 2017. NCRMA also has a seat within the Emergency Operations Center during time of disaster to serve as a conduit between our members and state governments to trouble-shoot and provide assistance.

The South Carolina Retail Association is a non-profit trade association whose mission is to improve the public image, effectiveness, and profitability of the retail industry in SC. SCRA represents the interests of individual merchants before the members of the South Carolina General Assembly and serves as a vital link between retailers and state government departments and agencies. SCRA maintains an equal focus on loss prevention, passing an omnibus ORC bill (HB 3602) in 2013. SCRA also serves as a liaison in emergency response situations, like the flood situation recently in South Carolina, to serve as a conduit between SCRA members and state government to trouble-shoot and provide needed assistance.

The Carolinas Food Industry Council (CFIC) serves the retail and wholesale food industries in North and South Carolina. CFIC represents both chain and independent grocers and provides educational and networking opportunities for grocers, wholesalers, brokers and food manufacturers at the organization’s annual convention and golf tournament.

The Retail Consumer Alliance (RCA) was organized in 2008 to foster stronger community partnerships between consumers and the retail industry, educate consumers and protect the public. RCA currently funds an annual educational scholarship program in excess of $100,000 for NCRMA and CFIC members, and provides $50,000 in annual cash donations to the Feeding America Food Banks for North and South Carolina.

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